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I have yet to have one get smart with me when I tell them that they don't care if their children would live or die. We have many members but mostly from North America and all over Europe.AB has profiles with slideshow and music, video introduction, forums, blogs, IM, chats for most European languages, a built-in language translator, and the site can be translated into any European language by clicking flags at the bottom.the liberals are the real hard core fascists, because they make you feel inferior to their rhethoric and they clearly think they are far superior to anyone else. Oh I would do a lot of jobs THEY woudln't- ah it's along story. Can you imagine someone told me that "WE" have to give Mexico back to the Mexicans?

My siblings have all found their life partners, despite not at all being better-looking or inhabiting qualities (good or bad) all that different from mine.

In a way it is for the better, since those who aren't white nationalists must be missing some vital parts of the brain, or such...

But I have been dumped several times because I am racially aware and hold on to some mix of fascist and national socialist values.

But racist singletons need not despair of their chance to meet and mate with another of their ilk, and someday even bring forth some of their own pure white offspring. READ MORE: * Woman travels the world for free just by dating * How travel destroyed one woman's dating life * Dating apps you've never heard of * Man asks for his money back from Tinder date * Date matching software 'meaningless' * Most popular names on dating apps The website has shocked residents of Utah, where giant billboards have been erected to capture the attention of passing racists. The existence of dating sites that cater to oppressed minority groups or religions doesn't make it OK to validate long-held racist attitudes about white supremacy, segregation and mixed-race relationships. Bizarrely, despite the fact that the website is clearly for white people only, anyone over the age of 18 can technically join.

Thanks to the internet, American racists can even cut out the KKK meet market (if they want to). Of course, the website owners claim that it isn't racist and merely caters for a special interest group like other dating sites. There are various dating websites that promote and cater to just about every origin, race, religion and lifestyle out there. Because anti-discrimination laws would probably pose a problem if the site actually prohibited non-whites from joining.

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