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Even with the growth of online dating, a 2012 study reported that 21 percent of new marriages begin at the office.Although the coworkers we leave behind when we retire promise to keep in touch, it seldom happens and when it does, it's not the same as the give-and-take we enjoyed every day for so long. For some, waning physical capabilities make it difficult to get out and about.Eventually, feeling I was keeping him from his work, I excused myself, looked around the main shop some more and made a purchase.While walking to the car, I realized it was lunch time and I didn't feel like going home to cook. I barely formed the thought before I walked back into that store, asked the man if he had time for a lunch break and if he would he would like to join me at a nearby restaurant.All that being said, however, we humans are programmed for mutual companionship and affection – the in-person kind.We hunger for others with whom we can share interests, concern, compassion and understanding. Others – I suspect a much larger group – find it hard for all kinds of reasons, those listed above, temperament and opportunity.

Talk, talk, talk – both of us, tripping over each other's words, laughing and enjoying ourselves immensely.Someone needs to make the first move in these situations.Of course, the big reason few people do is the possibility of rejection and it could happen to me with both of these potential relationships.And younger generations can take steps to help prevent diseases as well, so that they can remain healthy well into their senior years. According to the United Nations World Population Prospects report, 901 million people worldwide were aged above 60 in 2015, and by 2050 this number will have doubled to more than 2 billion – that’s almost every fifth person on the planet.Henry is an example which shows that being old doesn’t automatically mean being sick.

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Every second, two people celebrate their 60th birthday. Henry is 85 and lives in a neighborhood that is specially designed for elderly people.

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