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Homme's rapid return to these shores coincides with glowing lead reviews of his band's third album in Mojo and Q."Tough, tuneful, ambitious and sexy as hell", gushed the latter, but for all the talk of Lullabies to Paralyze being "the definition of rock'n'roll in 2005", and Homme as "visionary front man", he won't be resting on his laurels."I want to make sure I'm on my knees before the altar of rock", he says, "not climbing around on top of it going, 'What the fuck is this?The plectrum-shaped Eagles Of Death Metal pendant around his neck, meanwhile, is a reminder of the side-project outfit in which he plays drums under the alias Carlo Von Sexron.Lullabies to Paralyze is partic-ularly impressive when you consider that Homme wrote it alone.

The loss was brief, and he was revived with no apparent complications, but something major had changed. Could I play Queens of the Stone Age's 'I Sat by the Ocean' music video Queens of the Stone Age's music video for "I Sat by the Ocean." The band plays Brooklyn's Barclays Center on Dec. But Homme's hospital experience and its depressive aftermath clearly had a lasting effect.But do expect the current road band -- drummer Jon Theodore, guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, bassist Michael Shuman and keyboardist- guitarist Dean Fertita -- to take Homme's scintillating songs to a new level of intensity. Saturday, Barclays Center, Brooklyn TICKETS .50-.50; 800-745-3000, ----- A lot of irons in the fire Josh Homme is the kind of guy who isn't satisfied with life unless he's got multiple musical projects going at the same time: His pre-Queens band Kyuss had a huge influence on the so-called "nü-metal" and "stoner rock" subgenres of the past decade; 1992's "Blues for the Red Sun" is an excellent introduction."The Desert Sessions," a series of 10 (so far) wide-ranging discs feature an ever-shifting assemblage of contributors, including P. Harvey and former Screaming Trees singer Mark Lanegan.Ever since their formation in the mid-'90s -- following the breakup of Homme's previous, ultraheavy band Kyuss -- Queens of the Stone Age have been making punchy hard rock that's not afraid to be tuneful, sensitive or epic. The verses of "Kalopsia" even suggest a prime '70s Stevie Wonder ballad before morphing into a crushing metal chorus.Speaking of range, Homme spends a good portion of the album singing falsetto, which brings out an appealing vulnerability in his voice. Like Cologne," streaming exclusively on Spotify, features intriguing acoustic versions of "I Sat by the Ocean," "The Vampyre of Time and Memory" and "Long Slow Goodbye" from 2005's "Lullabies to Paralyze.") At times, it seems questionable to call the Queens an actual band.

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