Is lana del rey dating brad soileau

We caught up with the model, recently in Milan for fashion week, to chat up music, being a music video "ho" and the real Lana. There's a huge crew of people staring at you shouting, moving around, bright lights everywhere. What's your view on gender roles in music videos now that you're a 'man behind the woman' type? How did you meet Lana and become part of the "Born to Die" video? Everyone made me feel very comfortable so everything went so smoothly. She has a beautiful soul and she's so much fun to be around. Everyone asks the same question, did you have a boner? The model, actor, and musician best known as Lana Del Rey's on-screen lover just reprised his role for a third time in the singer's video for her new single, "West Coast," which precedes her sophomore album, .His rugged good looks and rebellious demeanor may appeal to Del Rey's fans, but Soileau—who’s now appeared in three Del Rey videos including "West Coast," "Blue Jeans," and "Born To Die"—never craved stardom.I got picked because the photographer, Armen Djerrahian, shot me for The Wild Magazine and knew the director of the video, Yoanne Limoine. What was it like working with Lana and embracing her for over three minutes on camera like that? I'm not mad about it, but it's a very shallow industry. My favorite part of working with Lana, was just working with Lana, chilling and talking with her and getting to know who she really is past what the public sees. They hit my agent up, and said "Yeah, we wanna cast him." [But] they moved it to Paris, and had a casting for it instead. I shot for two days, and it was like, a solid 13-14 hours each day that we shot. That’s why when she is in the car, and she wipes the glass, she’s looking mad sad, distant, thoughtful. " I can’t even fathom that, I was freaking out a little bit. Everyone is gonna wanna hate and say whatever it is they wanna say.

They were like, "Yo, are you cool shooting really intimate bedroom scenes? So it’s amazing what someone looks like once they are backed by money, compared to what they look like when they are broke. They should be obsessed with her voice, and her music because it’s fucking amazing. He was kind enough to answer a few questions about his life, what he's up to, and what it's like to work with Del Rey. One would think that you two have developed a sort of artistic connection. She's extremely talented and her vision is so dark and f---ed. BS: Actually in the past year or so, I totally have started to own who I am.So you've reprised your role as Lana Del Rey's lover in "West Coast," out last week. And I love it because she's selling such a f---ed idea/vision to the youth in masses. And in the past months I've been working really hard on my health. Then my favorite male artist video would be Jay-Z & Kanye West's video for "Otis," just because it's so much fun, and such a crazy concept to just ball out and shit on everyone else in your music video. I've learned a lot about fashion as a model so my styles a little better than it used to be, but i've always had swag.

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He grew up in New Orleans and spent most of his time on a skateboard.

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