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The charity worked with celebrity chef Matt Basile of Toronto's Fidel Gastro restaurant "to work with 14 HIV positive individuals-turned-cooks to develop the menu, train, and cook for patrons," Casey House said in a statement.Kenneth Poon, a Casey House client, said in a statement that he was "proud" to be part of the cooks at June's who worked to "boldly break barriers and end the isolation I have felt and others continue to feel." June's sold out its first run - to the tune of per person - within a matter of a few weeks and there was so much interest, more pop-ups are being considered.It revealed an industry that is South African cosplay is growing rapidly, with local cosplayers constantly refining their craftsmanship and skill levels – putting top local players on par with international cosplayers.

Around 200 customers were served items like Thai potato leek soup and gingerbread tiramasu, according to the Thomson Reuters Foundation.Many call it the event of the year, where you can escape your reality for a single day or even the whole weekend. r Age will sledgehammer your heart and ignite your imagination!A rollercoaster decade-and-a-half culminated in the celebration of #15yearsofawesome at 2017’s really Awesome gaming expo (r Age), which took place between 6 October and 8 October.Over the course of the weekend tens of thousands of enthusiastic fans descend on the venue for three days of gaming, technology, gadgets, and geek lifestyle entertainment.You can buy new games and consoles, chat with local comic book artists, or take selfies with your favourite cosplayers.

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