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Whether or not this appears easy from the perspective of the audience is not the point.

Like all tropes it can be used well or poorly and played with in a number of ways.

Such easy forgiveness may be given after an insincere The Grovel.

The kinds of people most likely to easily forgive are the All-Loving Hero, the Friend to All Living Things, and those who prefer to Turn the Other Cheek, although more cynical characters may take a Restrained Revenge. Karma Houdini occurs when the offending character is forgiven without as much as "a sorry" or any sort of punishment.

If the unmasked traitor was an active party member or contributing part of the team, and an active party member or contributing part of the team, it's Welcome Back, Traitor.

If some sort of Hand Wave is given for this, then it's a case of "Get out of Jail Free" Card.

After all, "To err is human, to forgive is divine." This trope describes a situation where forgiveness comes quickly after a character has committed some foul act.

It's obvious Satan's Clubhouse (Masonry) is having something to do with Israeli society being mostly secular, and not spiritual.

One must first understand, that under their canopy of one "Great Architect of the Universe" theology, Masonry has been adept at making "strategic alliances" with Satanists, The Brotherhood, Spiritists, Wicca, Druids, Cabalists, Hindu and Islam. It is from this alliance that their "Messiah" will appear.

Masons treat all these groups and beliefs as all equal.

Having resigned from the organization now I know with certainty that it is Freemasons who are in darkness. Even the Jehovah's Witness founder (Russel) was in fact a Freemason as well as a Knight Templar. Freemasonry controls around six million members worldwide, the majority being in the USA. (the Great Architect Of The Universe), strict morals and a willingness to help others.

Freemasonry is the UK's largest secular, fraternal and charitable organization, and the United Grand Lodge of England has over 300,000 members working in nearly 8,000 Lodges throughout England and Wales and more than 30,000 members overseas. Freemasons claim they do not belong to a secret society, but a society with secrets.

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