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Westown (The Grand Theatre) Westown is an area west of the Milwaukee River and downtown, bounded by I-794 on the south, Marquette University neighborhood on the west, Mc Kinley Avenue on the north, and the river on the east.[65]The neighborhood comprises the original Kilbourn Town in what is now downtown Milwaukee.The Shops of Grand Avenue, along with various theaters, restaurants, nightclubs, lies along Wisconsin Avenue.

In 1969, the Midtown Conservation Project began as an urban renewal program.The “Haymarket Square” name later caught on as a place where farmers parked their horses and piles of hay they brought into town for dairies, breweries and tanneries. As automobiles appeared in the 1910s, produce and flowers filled the market, and the need for hay declined.The market continued through the 1950s, but the surrounding neighborhood had its share of difficulties as people who could afford to move migrated from city to suburbs.Today, Avenues West is the urban setting of its most well-known institution, Marquette University, which continues to expand its footprint well beyond its original 1881 building at 1004 W. Uptown Crossing (Uptown Community & Commerce Building) Uptown Crossing runs along West North Avenue from Sherman Boulevard to North 60th Street, and along West Lisbon Avenue between North 46th and 51st streets on Milwaukee’s beautiful Near Westside.The neighborhood is part of the larger Sherman Park neighborhood.

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