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An adult camel reaches sexual maturity around the age of 2 to 3 years.They do not normally give birth prior to the age of 5 years.They can reach trees and limbs that are up to 11' high.

Their body temperatures range from 93 F during the night and 106F during the day.

The diet of a camel requires salt, so the salty plants that grown in salt lakes and other areas are part of their normal diet.

Camels are ruminant feeders and do not chew when they eat their food, but later regurgitate the cud and finish digesting it later.

Their urine is the consistency of syrup and their fecal pellets are dry enough to use as fire fuel or cooking fuel.

There are a number of different sounds that the camel can make. Bactrian camels’ native range is the steppes of north eastern Asia. The wild species is considered to be endangered as only about 950 remain in northwest China and Mongolia.

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