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Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations who watches bargaining trends. this winter w company's demand for the giveback of plant seniority rights. East peace dialogue In a meaningful way and led to a serious deterioration In relations 'with Washington. Former ' Foreign Minister Yigal Alion called It "the right thing at the right time." But Uien Israel extended Its toehold in southern Lebanon with a giant step northward to the Litani River to straddle more than 800 square miles of mountainous territory - about a f Iflh or the country. MOBILE HOME Now 40 X 24 2 or 3 bedroom, 1W balh Concord. Call 733414.1 A VERY SHARP One Bedroom - now carpeting, paint, 1135 month plus electricity. -Tom Valasek, Job Service manager at Ketchum, reports the U-I claims load is 200 (ewer than a year ago while the work force Is much larger than last year.

New York City and the Transit Authority are both demanding , glvebacks. Copstruc Uon unions, under pressure from growing non-union 'Wllders, have given back items ranging from coffee breaks to so-called "makew^'rules. Israel called Its retaliatory strike "Operation Stone of Wisdom." Middle East experts, Including some Israelis, are now wondering how wise was the Stone of Wisdom. The initio) cries in Israel to avenge the killing of M persons and the wounding of SS others In the bus Incident rose at first to shouts of Joy when ■ . There was displeasure In the White House aver the scope of the action and In Israel objections were raised that the massive retaliation was overreactlon by Prime Minister, Mcnochem Begin. BOO square fool, cash price on either ol those Iwo units now only 113,995. Figures from the First Security Bonk in Boise show last year's total sales volume of_ "sn W-related recreational equipment was down substantially from .normal and Job opportunities dropped from lack of sales and services needed.

"As gratifying as the vote was, it doesn't show overwhelming endorsement of the contract," Marshall Bald. Sun Volley hos and will continue to attract a full summer schedule of conventions including many national organiza- tion meetings.

The labor secretary said he felt the most Important factor leading to agreement was tear shared by the operators- and U MW that In d ustry-wide barg aining would be broken. fit Statistics gathered by the Idaho Department of Employment '. The, Department of Tourism and Industrial Development reports an anticipated all-time high will be reached this year for- skl package development, construction activity (or more anr K larger ski lifts, new lodging facilities, lighting for night skltfjg andotherdevelopmentalntheskllndustry.

The railroads are pushing to lake away crew-site guarantees. Begln's talks this week President Carter did nothing to Improve matters and when the Israeli leader flew home Thursday, It was clear the Middle East situation had reached an Impasse and a question mark hung over Begln's -own future. Minister Moshe Dayan ■ sug- gested the strain in U. Egypt seeks self-determination for the Palesti- nians, Israel has offered them self-rule. Tourist trade slowed to a trickle from the, previous year and localized business slumps were reported in areasof winter recreation facilities.

(One example of psychosurgery is the lobotomy, performed on patients with acute mental disorders by sever- tog .nerve cords If arting-to the frontal - - lobe s of th e pat ien t ' s hi residents, say Just the opposite - that the surgery performed without a knife -fa real. ^streelgarojitano^Lthej)attent;_ without prior washing up, he rubs a cotton ball soaked with antiseptic across the area^ where the 'Inci sion' Is ~to~be maderin a nearly simultaneous move, he follows with his other-hand ■■ and blood seeps to the skin surface along that invisible line. Soclu Oed and privaln, oicollorit spring build- ing sites: JOACRESN. He said the Chamber gave —out 7,000 conven Uofrnam Maga anda-numberof- conventlons provided their own or chose not to usethem. "If you take 7,000 and multiply it by a day, ' then double that because conventions average two days each, you find conventions alone bring about three quarters of a million dollars of new money Intoour community a year," he said.In 1974, most coal miners remained away from work for about three weeks after ratification when the construction workers put up picket lines outside mines until their pact was settled. It Is estimated, according to Rostron that 70 percent of 4,990 qf-the- area's"" employees work in the city of Tw Ini Falls with a payroll of 132 million. As Ronstron says, the tourist dollars arc estimated at best.larshalr-sald'Consti desired In the national energy plan," Schleslnger sold. There is no way to calculate j , the strtdjhs Llourj5Lor Jhejl QUar Ji L__ 1 spends.wlthout a registration booth at the state line where everyone entering is, stopped and labeled.' A recent 'survey of motel and hotel focllilics- shows n large number of Idaho tourists, come either from Idaho Itself or neighboring northwest Btatcs^tate figures collected in the Idaho Falls area, show 25 percent of the tourists "were from other Idaho areas, 23.7 percent from Iimh; -« perewtf frp^ Wnshln Plfm nr Orennn That snow that has iced up the highways and' luia Tol^ovei Jal^ dollnrsto manyjdaho basiiwsses Tuldlrta^Ufl] and 11.2 percent from the California, Arizona, New Mexico area while B percent come from Montana or Wyoming.- .-■ Areas such as Sun Valley which depend almost 100 percent on tourist dollars provide a good key to the Industry's growth.The hotel In which several psychic surgeons operate In Manila, The Bayvicw Hotel, handles about 200 Americans every two weeks, one Magic Valley resident estimated "U(«wjils two-week stay there, Plane fares are .usually paid to a travel agency or to an airline^ (dan Wns questioned, however, said'thcy paid for the ho tel and meals In c ash elthcr_at_ San Francisco International Airport before takeoff or qt the hotel itself. Extremely desirable Wf chert with ovary convenlonco. .otnec.— community, casino owners and operators-say. Therefore, state and even regional convention planners look- la twin "Foils for something ■ offered In no other area of the slate — o night In Nevada garnbllngcaslnos.Though receiving no receipt for their expenditure, all said they were not shortchanged for those services. have made the trip, once ihcy arrived at the hotel, most pf the tourists, depending on the severity of their afflictions, met with one ormore Filipinos dressed In street clothes in a suite of hotel rooms. BREATHTAKING Vlow of Magic Valley from this glamorous homo. Rostron, who has long been In the business of promoting travel and ftf currently travel promotion director for Cactus Pete's and the Horse Shu clubs of Jackpotis ays people often do not consider that a tourist' dollar turns over many times once It reaches a community, and is spent again and again.

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■ "Nonetheless, we must solve these longer-term problems-of" productivity and stability In the coalfields because ultimately , we have no alternative, no satisfactory-alternative, but to move-- Increasingly towards cool." Experts said coal- can -begin moving within a week and shipments were expected to be back to normal early next month. Miller's power as head of the UMW was scarred, and some members have filed petitions for his recall. Sun Valley hns been growing as a resort annually and bringing with It acommunity expansion f n housing, food services "ari"d officr™ Tlafeer Tra^e T""Colnpnri!

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