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And let them know what they can do to protect themselves online.

Talk to your child about being share aware and why they shouldn't give out any personal information.

You may find it helps your child to stay in contact with family members, talk with multiple friends at any one time, or just get creative. It's important that both adults and children understand the dangers involved in using video apps and broadcasting live content - and what to do to keep children and young people safe. We've got all the information you need about the latest apps, what the risks are and what you can do to keep your child safe online.

They shouldn't feel pressured into doing anything that they feel uncomfortable about.

Help your child to understand what behaviour is and isn't acceptable online.

Talk to your child and let them know that if anything upsets them or makes them feel uncomfortable they can come and speak to you.

It can also be helpful to make sure that they know how to report people's behaviour or any harmful content that they see online and how to block people.

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